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This is an urgent request from your missionary to his supporting churches! You may remember that we have been asking prayers for over a year for a larger building to lease in order to house our burgeoning congregation. We are presently located in a 540 square foot old bank building. It was sufficient for our church for two years. But we realized that if we were to continue to evangelize and grow, we would have to find a larger building. Several store-front buildings were found and were interesting, but one way or another we were not able to rent them.

So in October, we found a very small building (225 sq ft) across the plaza from our present building, that we decided to rent temporarily to house our nursery and preschool class. It was very inconvenient taking the children across a road in the rain and cold, but we decided that financially it was all we coulddo for the time being. However, even with this second building, we are now cramped for space.

Last month, a larger building (2,025 sq ft) closer to the center of town became available, so we began negotiations with the owner. He dropped the rent from 700€ ($756) to 600€ ($650), gave us six months free rent in order to do renovations, and a 10 year lease contract! These terms are almost unheard of here in Spain! So with the realization that this obviously was from the Lord, last week we signed the contract!

Now we have to get to work renovating the interior of the building. Work has already begun. Two members of our church are individual contractors who will be volunteering their labor as well as tools, discount prices with materials, and connections with an architect as well as city hall where we have to get permits as well as our operating license. Your missionary will be putting his multiple construction skills to use as well as other members of our church. Nevertheless, even with all the free labor, discounts, and connections, the costs of renovations are going to be more than our little, relatively new church can afford if we are to be able to move in by the month of May. We are estimating that materials, architect fees, work fees, and licensing fees will cost us around $12,000 - $14,000. The church has saved up around $3,000 and we have already received several offerings that amount to $3,400. So almost half of what we need has already been reached. Our request to our churches is for another approximately $7,000 which we will need in the next few months!

If there is any way your church can help us out with this need, the Faith Baptist Church of Palencia will
greatly appreciate it!  Therese and I arrived back in Spain in June 2012. By July 2nd, we moved into our new apartment in Palencia. We are located in the Northeast section of the city called Sector Eight. It is the newest developing part of the city where no Evangelical work is located. Our apartment is located on the top floor of our building with an ample terrace which has been very useful for the work. 


  • Teresa - Rental Agent
  • Ivan - Landlord of our apartment
  • Javier & Celia - Neighbors 
  • Javier & Marta - Neighbors
  • Juan Carlos & Claudia - Friends 

  • Araceli
  • Jeefry & Carmen
  • Juan & Pilar
  • Hector & Isabel
  • Alejandro & Kimberly

Prayer Needs for the New Work in Palencia, Spain
Four years ago, we started a new ministry for Spain which we felt like the Lord had laid on our hearts. The Bible Memory Association (Asociación para la Memorización de la Biblia) is encouraging our local independent fundamental Baptist churches to organize their people to memorize God's Word. This organization is patterned after a U.S. ministry called Scripture Memory Fellowship. ​SMF is the daughter of the original Bible Memory Association of which I, Bill, participated for seven years from the late 60's to the early 70's. I memorized hundreds of verses of which over the decades have been a great support of my spiritual walk with the Lord as well as of my ministry. Over the last four years, over a thousand people have signed up to memorize from 21 Independent Baptist churches here in Spain. Literally thousands of verses have been and are being memorized  If you would like more information, you may visit the web page (although in Spanish) by clicking on the AMB logo graphic to the right. 
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